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How to Break Fever Without Medicine?



Fever is a common problem in most people. It’s a viral disease which people get even by touching or sitting with a person having a fever. Sometimes it may occur due to any issue in the throat or having flue. The issue here is how to break a fever without medicine.

It’s because everyone needs to take medicine for a disease. Somehow many people don’t like to take medicine. Therefore, they search for some remedies to cure fever at home. Here are a few ways or remedies from which you can get rid of the fever without even going to a doctor.

Remedies to Overcome Fever:

1.    Drink a lot of Water

Water is an organic fluid which has many benefits. This natural liquid can also help people to overcome their fever. Drinking fluids can help people to flush out all germs by regulating body temperature. Water is a natural fluid that will break down your fever after some time.

Taking water in the condition of fever is more effective than any medicine. It will not only fight germs but can also provide you with the strength to come back from the disease. When a person gets heat stroke, he needs water or fluid. Similarly, if your body gets hot due to a fever, try to intake more water.

2.    Take a Bath

Most of you get worried that how long does it take for a fever to break? No worries as here are the best way to fight the fever which is having a bath. Yes, it seems foolish to have a bath when your body is heated up with a fever but it’s very effective.

Lukewarm water will relax your muscles and make them stress-free. A person who has a mild or severe level of fever should try this lukewarm bath to get rid of it.

3.    Use Icepack on the Forehead

Icepack on the forehead is an older but effective technique while having a fever. You can also use a frozen piece of cloth and put them on the forehead of the fever patient. When you are fighting with fever then your immunity gets low.

The icepack on a forehead will take some time but you’ll notice that it works even in the severe stage of fever. Now, you don’t need to worry about how can you break a fever and use this remedy in your home.

4.    Take Enough Sleep

Sleep is a natural medicine for a lot of diseases. Most people are having diseases due to a lack of sleep. A fever can also get cured by taking enough sleep. The low immunity to fever will never allow you to even walk for a while.

Try to take enough sleep while having a fever. Taking rest can help you in getting a cure for a disease quickly. If you are thinking about how can a fever break without taking medicine, then don’t get worried because it’s possible.


Fever is not a big disease and you can even treat it at your home. Check out some home natural ways to overcome this fever and get fit in a few hours even without having a doctor’s checkup.

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