top 10 worst prisons in pennsylvania

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top 10 worst prisons in pennsylvania:
The worst jails in the state of Pennsylvania are listed below:

SCI Fayette SCI Camp Hill is Penn SCI’s worst prison. Benner Township SCI Coal Township SCI The SCI Rockview Forest
We will change this post and add more of Pennsylvania’s worst prisons.

1. SCI Fayette:

State Correctional Institution Fayette is one of the worst jails in Pennsylvania, and we put it at the top of our list because fights are so common there.

The prison has the highest level of protection and can hold up to 2,000 people. Since 2003, the jail has been known for making license plates for Pennsylvania. It is also known for fights between criminal groups and other criminal groups or guards, which have led to several deaths in just over a decade.

At the end of SCI Fayette, there are 40 small cells where the worst prisoners are kept because the officials say there is no other way to keep order in prison. Inmates are barely allowed to shower, there is no sunshine, they can’t see their families, and there is only one kind of food they can eat.

This isn’t it. The death rate from cancer has also doubled in SCI Fayette since 2003. According to reports, 52.78 percent of all prisoner deaths are caused by cancer, while only 28.6 percent of inmate deaths are caused by cancer in other PADOC facilities. Cancer deaths are going up because there aren’t enough hospitals to care for the prisoners.

Getting transferred to this jail will have you worry about either being locked in a small cell, fighting with other gang members, or your health.

2. SCI Camp Hill is Penn State Correctional Institute’s worst prison.

The three-day uprising at Camp Hill in 1989, which was caused by overcrowding and changes to the way the prison was run that affected visits, food, and medical care, made the jail a much better place. However, after a few years, things returned to where they were.

Camp Hill has 14 prison buildings that can hold up to 2,600 men. Again, the government is letting things slide, which is why there are more suicides in prison. Also, the number of inmates who are sexually abused are going up.

Even though the officials are acting on early warning signs of what could go wrong in the future, the prison is not as healthy as it used to be.

3. The SCI Coal Town

State Correctional Institute Coal Township is the third one on our list. The jail can hold 2,153 people and open in 1993. Coal Township has been a stable jail over the years, but that will change quickly after 2020.

The prison’s biggest problem is the rise in sexual assaults, which 3.9% of prisoners have said happened to them. Additionally, the rise in inmate suicides is also growing due to poor hygiene and structural system.

After the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, people are living in more crowded places, which is making these problems worse and could make things even worse in the coming days.

4. SCI Benner Township:

Also called SCI Benner, the State Correctional Institute Benner Township is a prison with a medium level of protection that can hold up to 1900 people. Since it started in 2013, SCI Benner has had a bad name.

Overcrowding is one of the biggest problems, and it is also one of the main reasons why inmates don’t have enough access to food and other services. Because of this, inmates often kill themselves because no one cares about them, and they feel like they can’t get away from their problems.

Even though the jail is new, not many people would want to work there.
5. SCI Rockview

here is another one of the top 10 worst prisons in pennsylvania,stands for the State Correctional Institution. Rockview, also called SCI Rockview, is a jail with a medium level of security. It opened in 1912, making it one of Pennsylvania’s oldest. The jail got a lot of attention after the movie “On the Yard,” which was only shot there in 1978 and used prisoners as extras, was made.

Overall, the jail has been one of the most professional and healthy ones in Pennsylvania. However, the fact that it is only a few miles from downtown has made prisoners more likely to try to escape, and in the 1990s, it was very common for prisoners to get away.

So that this doesn’t happen, the government uses very strict rules to make sure prisoners stay where they belong. Because of this, there have been reports of inmates not getting to go outside, not getting the right food, their cells, and guards changing all the time, fewer programs being offered, and guards punishing anyone they think might try to escape.


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6. SCI Forest:

State Correctional Institute is the last one on our list. Forest is a high-security jail from the 21st century that can hold up to 2,309 people. It opened in 2004 with the idea that it would help SCI Pittsburgh and SCI Waynesburg, which were both too full.

Facilities in the prison are good enough to hold people who have been found guilty of major crimes. But that doesn’t mean that jail is the best place for people who have broken the law. People say that the guards use too much force on the prisoners, and gangs inside the jail are often led by some of the most notorious criminals.

This is one reason why the number of jail suicides is slowly going up, but no one seems to be paying attention to it yet.

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